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More than 360 networks in 200 countries around the world available for pre-paid, control and Post-paid users. Let’s be connected wherever we go!

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Terms and Conditions

For Pre-paid, Control and Post-paid Open Users:

  • The affiliation is free.
  • The Customer that wants to acquire the service, should sign a Roaming contract with Bitel.
  • Under agreements with international operators, the CDR (Call log) can be sent to Bitel up to thirty (30) days after the date of use of voice/SMS/ data. For this reason, it may be the case that the detail of Roaming consumption does not appear on the receipt corresponding to the month of consumption, but on subsequent receipts; which won’t represent for any reason, any violation of the user´s rights against current regulations.
  • The rates include IGV 18%.
  • Roaming service will be deducted from the main account. The charge for voice service will be per minute; data service charge will be for every 10 KB, both for the loading and downloading of data services, and for SMS the service charge will be per message taking into account a base of 160 characters.
  • The activation or deactivation of the roaming service will be carried out within a period not exceeding twenty-four (24) hours following the signing of the contract.
  • The International Roaming rate for local outgoing and outgoing calls between any member countries of the Andean Community of
    Nations: Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru is the same.
  • The customer can only sign up for roaming service before their travel and in person.
  • When customers are in Peruvian territory, but on the borders between Peru and Chile, Brazil, Ecuador or Bolivia (Peruvian Frontiers); the terminal performs a random analysis of the nearest networks and can automatically attach to neighboring networks. Then, the customer will be responsible for paying all roaming charges generated.
  • The Customer must approach to Bitel Showrooms to activate or to cancel the service.
    • For affiliation, the customer should carry the following documents:
      • Presentation Business Letter ( only for Corporate customers).
      • DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) or CE (Carnet de Extranjería).

Only for Pre-paid and Control Users:

  • To perform and receive calls, the user must be registered to the service and have a minimum of 5 soles of credit on their basic account.
  • The cost of the service will be automatically debited from the customer basic line.

Only for Post-paid Open Users:

  • Unlimited use of the service, according to the Post-paid Open plan provided.
  • The amount due for Roaming consumption will be sent to the customer together with their monthly bill.

Contact us calling to Bitel Call Center, dial 123 (free) or to 930123123 (normal tariff) or 930155155 (free), only for customers outside Peru. Also, contact us through the following email: